SSC JE 2024 Mechanical Engineering Exam Preparation Strategy

The Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer (SSC JE) exam is conducted every year in various cities of India in the Prelims and Mains stages followed by document verification. Candidates from engineering disciplines are recruited as junior engineers in various central departments and ministries like CPWD, Ministry of Defence, Central Water Commission Central Water Power Research Station, etc.

Junior Engineer Position Selected Through SSC JE 2024

A Junior Engineer works in various departments. For instance, in the Ministry of Defence, a Junior Engineer helps in developing the infrastructure of various projects, sites, and facilities for defense projects and personnel. In the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), a junior engineer manages the construction, supervision, as well as maintenance work of various central government projects.
They are involved in water resource management and research through the Central Water Commission and Central Water Power Research Station.

Syllabus for SC JE 2024 Mechanical Engineering

There are two stages to the SSC JE exam: preliminary and main. The SSC JE Mechanical syllabus for SSC JE Prelims is the same as before consisting of 50 Marks of General Intelligence and Reasoning, 50 Marks of General Studies, and 100 Marks of Technical Mechanical Engineering related questions.

General Intelligence and Reasoning Topics Include:

(c)Arithmetical computations
(e)Arithmetical reasoning
(f)Arithmetical number series
(g)Space visualization
(i)Analytical functions
(l)Decision making
(m)Relationship concepts
(n)Verbal and figure classification
(o)Visual memory
(q)Abstract videos, symbols, and their relationships

General Studies Topics Include:

(a) Indian History
(b) Indian Geography
(c) Indian polity
(d) National and International Important Events
(e) Basic General Science
(f) Indian Economics
(g) Current Affairs

Technical Topics include:

Mechanical Engineering:

Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials, Pure Substance Properties, Theory of Machines and Machine Design, First, second, and third laws of thermodynamics Air standard cycles for internal combustion engines, performance, cooling, and lubrication of internal combustion engines, Boilers, Classification, Specification, Fittings & Accessories, Rankine Cycle of System Air compressor cycles, refrigeration cycles, refrigeration plant principle, steam turbines and nozzles. Fluid dynamics, ideal fluid properties and classification, fluid statics, fluid pressure measurement, fluid kinematics, measurement of flow rate, fundamental concepts, Steel classification, centrifugal pumps, and hydraulic turbines.

The Syllabus of SSC JE Mains 2024 consists of 100 questions purely of Mechanical Engineering subjects with more questions on in-depth knowledge.

The number of vacancies is not much for mechanical engineering discipline students. Therefore, students with diplomas as well as degrees in mechanical engineering need to assess the competitive environment beforehand to get selected in the current competition. Students can choose from any of the following courses, based on suitability, for these ever-increasing cutoffs:

SSC JE 2024 Online Course for Mechanical Engineering

(1) This Course is specially designed according to the new exam pattern of SSC JE 2024. It contains a detailed syllabus of SSC JE Prelims + Mains Exams. Every topic of the Prelims syllabus including technical and non-technical topics is covered with this course along with in-depth conceptual knowledge for the SSC JE Mains Exam.
(2) Non Technical topics of SSC JE Prelims like General Intelligence and Reasoning along with General Studies are covered in Recorded lectures with this batch.
(3) All the topics of the technical syllabus are covered from basics to advanced level covering the syllabus of Prelims as well as Mains.
(4) Special importance is given to core subjects like Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Theory of Machines, Fluid Mechanics, and Production Engineering.
(5) Additionally, all the video lectures are accessible from an Android device laptop computer, or desktop and these lectures can be watched as many times as you want 24X7.
(6) Before purchasing the course, students have the option to see the FREE demo lectures.
(7) This course is good for one year from the date of purchase.

SSC JE 2024 LIVE From Classroom Course for Mechanical Engineering

(a) This is one of the most recommended online courses for SSC JE 2024 containing Online LIVE Classes which are streamed straight from the classroom of students studying at Offline Centres.
(b) All the Theory topics of Mechanical Engineering Technical Subjects along with Technical Subjects of SSC JE Prelims will be covered in LIVE classes from the conceptual Level.
(c) This course also contains Recorded video solutions of 15000+ MCQs most expected Questions which will help students to increase the speed and accuracy. These questions have the highest chances of coming in the actual Exam of SSC JE.
(d) This Online batch also contains advanced-level practice questions specifically designed for the SSC JE Mains Exam which will help students to score good marks.
(e) Subjects like Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Theory of Machines, Fluid Mechanics, and Production Engineering are given more importance as they cover a wide variety of questions in Prelims as well as Mains.
(f) This batch also includes physical hardcopies of the SSC JE PYQ Mechanical Engineering Book + General Intelligence and Reasoning Book + General Awareness and General Studies Book+ MCQ Book contains thousands of practice questions with detailed solutions (two volumes).
(g) This batch also includes Subjectwise tests along with a FREE PDF of all the LIVE Lectures.
(h) Multiple doubt-solving platforms are also available for students through LIVE Classes as well as through WhatsApp, Telegram, and YouTube.
(i) Students can view all of the videos as many times as they like without any limits during the course validity, which is one year from the date of purchase.
(j) Before enrolling in the course, students can view the FREE sample lectures.

SSC JE 2024 Theory with Practice Online Batch for Mechanical Engineering

(a) This is a special recorded batch for SSC JE 2024 aspirants who contain dedicated recorded video lectures for SSC JE 2024 Prelims+ Mains including Technical Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering subjects as well as Non Technical Syllabus of SSC JE Prelims like General Intelligence and Reasoning and General Studies and General Awareness syllabus.
(b) This batch contains detailed theory lectures as well as practice lectures containing more than 12000 Objective high-probability questions.
(c) Also, advanced-level questions dedicated to the SSC JE Mains New Exam pattern are also included with this batch to give you an extra edge over your competitors.
(d) The Course Validity will be 1 Year from the date of purchase during which the students can watch every video any number of times without any restrictions 254X7.
(e) Before enrolling in the course, students can view the FREE sample lectures.
(f) Students will also get a FREE PDF of all the Lectures.

Therefore, if a student is looking to prepare for the SSC JE 2024 exam, this is the best time to buy the best course suited to your needs and requirements.

If you want to prepare for SSC JE 2024 online coaching at affordable prices, then you may opt for the SSC JE 2024 Compact 2.0 Online Course from which you can complete This batch might assist you in reaching your objective of passing the SSC JE 2024 exam if you review all the theoretical material thoroughly. However, if you are beginning your SSC JE preparation for the first time, then the SSC JE 2024 LIVE from Classroom batch is the best option for you which will cover the theory in LIVE classes as well as recorded practice batch will help you increase your speed and accuracy. Additionally, this batch contains all the books needed for the Prelims as well as the Mains Stage.

Additionally, if you are on the job or a working professional who may not attend LIVE classes, then you may opt for the SSC JE 2024 Combo batch containing recorded lectures of around 15,000 MCQ questions in both theory and practice. These recorded lectures can be accessed 24X7 which will help you to cover the complete syllabus of SSC JE 2024 along with practice questions with this online course according to your time availability.

As a result, mechanical engineering students are free to choose any subject that best suits their demands.