Preparation For Maharashtra Staff Selection Commission Of JE

Top SSC JE Coaching Institutes in India SSC JE is an examination performed with the aid of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). This examination is supposed for the recruitment of Junior Engineers (JE) in numerous branches of Engineering which include Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Quantity Surveying & Contracts.

SSC JE Eligibility 2022

SSC JE Eligibility 2022 consists of fulfilling the following essential parameters as prescribed by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in its official notification. If it is found at any stage of the SSC JE recruitment that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility criteria for the SSC JE exam, then he/she will be disqualified/debarred by the Commission.

• SSC JE Qualification
• SSC JE Age Limit
• Nationality
• Marital Status

Cut off of mechanical junior engineering:

Cut off of civil junior engineering:

Cut off of electrical engineering:

Maharashtra PWD JE recruitment:

Candidates can better comprehend the exam’s marking system by using the MHADA JE Exam Pattern. A written test is the first step in the selection process for the position of MHADA JE, which is followed by a round of document verification. Below is a description of the written test’s comprehensive exam format.

Writing Exam

• Offline mode will be used to administer the test.
• 200 points will be awarded for passing the test.
• With the exception of the questions in the Technical Field section, which are worth 2, each question is worth 1 mark.
• There are no failing grades.
• The degree of difficulty must correspond to the graduation level.
• The Marathi language part will have a 10th-grade level of difficulty


• The MHADA JE Salary is decided by the MHADA. The candidates who are selected for the post of MHADA JE will get a remuneration ranging from INR 38,600/- to INR 1,22,800/-.
• The in-hand salary given to the candidates is incremented considerably along with the basic pay and the allowances. The candidates can enjoy the increments once they complete the probation period.

Minimum Qualifying Marks for MHADA 2021:

The minimum passing score is a crucial component of passing the written exam. To be chosen for the document verification process, candidates must achieve the minimum qualifying marks. The minimal qualifying marks, though, have been made public on the website of the hiring authority. The minimal passing score for the written or offline exam would be 45% of the total marks, according to the official statement.

At the present time, engineering students are very confused about what to do. And how to do it? Following graduation, all students want to settle in the government sector with a good and high-paying sector. As we are all aware, there is a vacancy in the government. Every year, government vacancies are released, but it takes a long time to complete the process. Staff SELECTION COMMISSION (SSC) releases the SSC JE vacancy every year. This vacancy is a big opportunity for all engineering students. If you want to crack the SSC JE exam on the first attempt, then you need proper guidance and coaching.

What’s the need for coaching to prepare for the SSC JE exam?

1. Coaching gives you the right path to your preparation, which enhances your skills and hard work.
2. If you prepare with coaching, then you get a competitive environment.
3. The coaching faculty is highly educated and experienced, which provides you with the best preparation for a good score in your SSC JE exam.
4. You get the best and most reliable study materials like books, test series, doubt sessions, weekly tests, etc.
5. You can attend the classes online or offline as you want

Benefits of online coaching classes:

1. Since you won’t be paying for a classroom, lab, etc. the cost is substantially lower. As an alternative, you will spend less on your commute. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about travelling far from home to receive a good education. In the past, students had to travel hundreds of miles to visit offline coaching centers. In contrast, students can learn at anytime, anywhere with online coaching programme.

2. Teachers will spend one-on-one time with you— Teachers may provide you individualized attention and respond to your inquiries when you take classes online. Additionally, you can get immediate answers to your questions thanks to tools like instant chat.

3. You can learn at your own pace online students can study at their own pace thanks to individualized learning experiences. By using examinations, learning materials frequently make sure that the student has understood a concept completely. The next topic is covered when the student passes these tests. Additionally, unlike in a classroom, the learner is not under any pressure to grasp a material more quickly than they are capable of.

4. You get to push yourself online coaching programmes frequently feature hard examinations and quizzes on the corresponding learning apps. This allows students to periodically test themselves from the comfort of their homes by taking brief tests on the material they have studied.

5. You can focus more clearly because studying for an exam requires concentration, which results in better study habits and memory retention. You can only do this if your study space is favorable to learning. You can learn online at a time and place that works best for you, in a peaceful, comfortable environment.

• Teach Your Students at Anytime
• Teach Your Students from Anywhere.
• Stay connected with your students anytime.
• Solve the problems and queries of your students instantly.
• No any physical place required.
• No blackboard, whiteboard required

Offline classes for the SSC JE:

Offline learning is the more conventional alternative to online learning and the first way for students to regularly interact in person with their peers and lecturers. Even while it is believed that online education would eventually replace traditional classroom instruction, it cannot replace its all-encompassing nature.

Furthermore, offline education gives instructors the chance to keep an eye on their pupils’ actions and answers and intervene as necessary. Therefore, despite the technological advancements in online education, offline education will always be essential to students’ growth.

• Offline coaching is physical and you will have to visit a coaching institute to study so there will be no presence of device like phone or laptop and no screen presence present compared to online coaching where you’ll have to visit a website or install any app on your device to watch the lectures and attend the class and you cannot watch online coaching for longer period because watching computer or phone screen for longer period can give you a lot of eye strain and headache because of blue light emitting out of the screen so you need to take break in regular intervals of time
• In offline coaching institutes most probably you will have either have to switch off your smartphone or mute it down so all the notifications of the smartphone cannot distract you while studying and attending the lectures in the coaching institute but because you will be using your smartphone or laptop in online coaching, you can get distracted and interrupted by social media notifications or if someone calls you on your smartphone in the middle of listening to the classes online.


It takes commitment and determination to study every day in order to succeed in the SSC JE exam or any other exam. A solid comprehension of the syllabus can be developed by daily study, which enables continual topic review. The result is improved exam performance.