Best Preparation For SSC JE in Haryana

In state of Haryana literacy rate is 67.91 percent, which is comparatively higher than the national average which is 64.80 percent. Preparation for SSC JE exam is not easy competition in government exam. Lots of vacancies are released every year for SSC JE post. Students have a golden opportunity to achieve our dream job in engineering field. Students who graduate from can apply for the SSC JE exam.

About SSC JE vacancy in Haryana

There are lots of vacancies in Haryana released every year in different departments. A bulk of students apply for government jobs but for some reasons some vacancies are not completed at time. So, every year unemployment is added on.

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Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the SSC JE Exam every year to select eligible candidates for the recruitment of Junior Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Quantity Surveying and Contracts) posts for various Departments/ Organizations in the Government of India.

About SSC JE vacancy
The selection process of the SSC Junior Engineer is divided into two stages. There are two Papers in the SSC JE exam

(1) Paper I: This is a computer-based online test of 200 marks with a duration of 2 hours.

(2) Paper-II: This is a conventional (offline) descriptive test for 300 marks for a duration of 2 hours.

During preparation, candidates should focus on all the engineering branches (i.e., Electrical or Civil & Structural or Mechanical) as mentioned in the SSC JE Notification which will help them to take the exam comfortably.

SSC JE Preparation For Mechanical Engineering
The preparation for Mechanical Engineering is a simple effort but it needs constant effort to do well. The following are the key points to remember while preparing for Mechanical Engineering in the SSC JE Exam

(a) Aspirants must familiarize with the complete syllabus of Mechanical Engineering, to this end previous years question papers/ question banks will be of great help.
(b) Candidates must ensure that all doubts and concepts are clear before attempting mock tests.
(c) At least a minimum of 2 hours must be allotted to efficiently solve SSC Mock Tests for JE exam.
(d) Candidates must analyze their progress on the SSC JE Preparation on a daily basis in order to keep a watch on their progress in the SSC JE Preparation for Mechanical Engineering

SSC JE Preparation For Electrical Engineering
On the outset, the SSC JE Electrical Engineering subject may look difficult, but a little effort is more than enough to crack it. Here are some key points to remember while preparing for Electrical Engineering subject

(1) Candidates must polish their knowledge on the Electrical Engineering syllabus for SSC JE preparation.
(2) A list of repeatedly asked topics must be prepared, along with short notes for quick reference if required.
(3) For the Electrical Engineering exam, the questions will be mostly about theoretical concepts. Clearing theoretical concepts must take priority.
(4) At least about 12-15 % of the Electrical Engineering question paper will be based on the measurement and measuring instruments and it is a mix of theory and numerical.
(5) From Basic Electronics, questions will be theoretical or simple formula based. These questions are not to be avoided as candidates can score high marks from attempting these questions

SSC JE Preparation For Civil Engineering
Like all the other streams, hard work and a clear cut strategy are all that is needed while preparing for the Civil Engineering stream. Here are some key points to remember while preparing for the Civil Engineering stream:

(i) Familiarization with the Civil Engineering syllabus is a must for SSC JE preparation.
(ii) Find relevant books, previous year questions, and exam analysis covering every topic of the SSC JE Civil Engineering Syllabus.
(iii) The questions from SSC JE Civil Engineering will mostly be theoretical in nature. Around 70-80% of total questions will be theoretical and one must clear their theoretical concepts in order to be able to answer most of the questions.
(iv) Learn time management while practicing for SSC JE Civil Engineering.

Engineers academy is a top most choice for students who wants to prepare for SSC JE exam. Engineers academy have best faculty .they are well aware of how the exam works. They will teach shortcut techniques on how to solve the problems and use simple teaching methods to explain complex concepts. Along with this, look for a center that provides the best study material, notes, question bank and books.

Engineers academy provide you NIMBUS online classes for SSC JE benefit of online classes:

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(b) Improves your Score

(c) Retention of Concepts

(d) Cost effective learning

(e) Save time and energy

(f) Learn from the expert

(g) Easy to revisit the lectures

(h) Personalized learning

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As SSC JE is tough and hence very competitive, candidates need to follow certain tips and tricks and accumulate them into their SSC JE 2022 study plan.

1. You have to be keeo yourself updated with syllabus of SSC JE.
2. Go through the exam pattern, marking scheme, stages, different sections and time duration.
3. Collect the standard books for detailed study and material for SSC JE.
4. Download the last 10 year previous paper and go through the types of question, difficulty level of question and exam pattern followed by SSC.
5. Reading newspaper will keep you in touch with current affairs .
6. Making a study plan and allot equal time for all subject/sections and study them daily. The time table must have all the points touched like reading current affairs, solving numerical, remembering formulas, covering the syllabus, solving previous year question papers, answer writing practice etc.
7. Check the cut off marks to know the difficulty level of exam.
8. Work on the weaker sections more and try remedies to strengthen the weaker sections so that there is no scope for errors while attempting the question paper.
9. Take the test series/ mock test to strengthen the SSC JE preparation.


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