Best preparation for HPSSSB JE & SSC JE in Himachal Pradesh

About Himachal Pradesh vacancy

You have the option to choose to work for HP Government if you truly want to. Simply keep an eye out for Himachal Pradesh employment alerts for new openings and future positions.

Like every other Indian state Himachal Pradesh also has a Public Service Commission which mainly focuses on Civil Services Jobs in a state. The Himachal Pradesh Service Commission also conducts a variety of HP Gov. Job recruitment drives. Other than civil services jobs, a state public service commission also conducts recruitment exams to recruit Teachers, LDC, UDC/Clerks, Assistants, Programmer, Scientific Assistant, Informatics Assistant, Review officers, Registrars, Prosecuting officers, and various others HP Gov. Jobs. To recruit candidates on these posts the Public Service Commission conducts various HP recruitment exams. These HP recruitment examinations include exams like Himachal Pradesh Service Exam, Himachal Pradesh Forest Service Exam, Himachal Pradesh Engineering Service Exam, Librarian and Sports Officer Exam, ACF, FRO, RO, ARO, APS, Assistant Registrar Examination, Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, etc.

 HPSSSB Junior Engineer In-Hand Salary

The HPSSSB Junior Engineer In-Hand Salary comprises components like basic pay and allowances. After getting selected for the post, the candidates will be appointed as Initial Appointees carrying remuneration of Rs.23,100/- per month for Forest Junior Engineer (Civil) and Rs.10,300-34,800 +3,800 Grade Pay per month for Language & Culture Junior Engineer (Archaeology). The HPSSSB Junior Engineer’s Salary is incremented considerably along with the basic salary and allowances.

HPSSSB Junior Engineer (Civil) Cut Off 2022

HPSSSB Junior Engineer (Electrical) Cut off 2022:

HPSSSB Junior Engineer (Mechanical) Cut off 2022

About SSC JE Vacancy:

Exam pattern of SSC JE:


Preparation for HPSSSB JE & SSC JE by Engineers Academy

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Preparation for HPSSSB JE & SSC JE online

You must evaluate the variables influencing your preparedness and develop a plan. Every aspirant has a unique study plan and strategy. However, we’re going to give you a few pointers and recommendations that will aid in your SSC JE & HPSSSB JE preparation. We will give you access to an online or offline batch that will help you get good exam results. For the SSC JE & HPSSSB JE exams, Engineers Academy offers NIMBUS online lessons.

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Tips for General Intelligence section:

 The questions in this section will center on logical reasoning concepts such as data sufficiency, linear and circular organization, direction and distance, number-based analogies, etc.

Prepare for this section by consulting the papers from the previous year. This will enable you to understand the types of questions asked and their level of difficulty. Examine the solved papers to fully get the logic. Practice several question kinds with varied degrees of difficulty.

Tips for General Awareness Section:

In this part, you must be updated on current affairs. Read newspapers and keep up with the latest news and events. Be careful not to spend too much time; instead, set up a specific period for the task. There is a sizable syllabus. So, consult the document from last year and adjust your preparations. Even just being informed of the daily news would be beneficial. Often take quizzes online.

Tips for General Engineering (Civil/ Structural or Electrical or Mechanical)

For many engineering streams, this section varies Core engineering expertise that is in-depth is absolutely necessary. The applicant must be well-versed in the fundamentals and possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

A few of the questions will be based on theoretical ideas; if you are familiar with these ideas, you can respond to these questions with ease.

You must possess strong theoretical knowledge, its application, formulae, and problem-solving abilities in order to solve numerical problems.

Practice in a time-limited method to expose yourself to different kinds of difficulties. At the beginning of your preparation, use examples of problems.

Compared to questions with a numerical focus, you will encounter more questions based on theory. So, in order to save time, attempt to answer the questions that are based on theory first.

You must evaluate the variables influencing your preparedness and develop a plan. Every aspirant has a unique study plan and strategy. However, we’re going to give you a few pointers and recommendations that will aid in your SSC JE preparation.

How to prepare for SSC JE & HPSSSB JE Simultaneously:

Here are some broad pointers for preparation :

Read the complete Syllabus and Exam Pattern carefully to ensure that you understand the syllabus. Sort the subjects into groups based on their degree of difficulty.

(i) Make a timetable that is reasonable: Establish a rigid schedule and adhere to it. But also be prepared to change the schedule if needed. Give challenging issues more time.

(ii) Make Reading a Habit: Set aside some time each day to read newspapers, current events publications, and various engineering-related books. Keep yourself informed of all the significant occurrences and problems over the previous six months. Make sure your fundamental understanding of each topic is solidified by reading the theory supporting it.To speed up revision; try to take your own notes. Do your best to draw attention to the important details.

(iii) Recall Formulas: You should be able to recall all of the formulas. Regular practice will help you remember them.

(iv) Examine Example Problems: Examining example problems can help you comprehend the stages involved in solving issues. Examine the papers from previous years: Check the weighting of various themes, the types of questions asked, and the degree of difficulty by looking at the question papers from the previous year. Learn the subjects that are more crucial. Solve the test questions from the previous five to ten years, at the very least. You must diligently train yourself so that you can respond to any kind of query on any subject.

(v) Take Practice Exams: Taking practice exams for the SSC JE & HPSSB JE Exam can help you understand where you stand and where you need to improve. Additionally, you’ll get accustomed to the strain of taking exams.

(vi) Enhance Your Test-Taking Techniques: How carefully you choose the questions to respond and how effectively you manage your time will also affect your score. Make sure to establish a clever exam strategy and work on your general test-taking abilities.