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Engineers Academy Offers Scholarships & Concessions for Following Categories.

50% Concession on Tuition Fee
1.IISc & IITs Students
2.ESE (Mains) Qualified Students
3.GATE Exam Rank under in 500.
4. PSUs Qualified Students
5.Ex-Students of Engineers Academy.

30% Concession on tuition Fee

1. NITs/IIITs/Central Universities Students.
2. ESE (Pre) Qualified Students
3.GATE Exam Rank under in 1000.
4. PSUs written Exam Qualified students.
5. Ex- Students of Other Institute

10 % Concession on Tuition Fee

1. Colleges/Universities Topper Students (Recommended Letter from
2. GATE/JE/AE & Govt. Exam Qualified Students.
3. Physically Challenged Students.
4. If family annual income is less than and equal to Rs.2, 00,000.
5. If Students have only father or mother (Death Certificate Required)
6. Death (Terrorists/War/border skirmishes) Certificate Issued by Govt of India.

7. If any student coaching with real sibling.

Note-  *These Concession will be considerd only GATE,IES Students Only.

****All of the above scholarships and concessions will be considered for Engineers Academy Jaipur Center only.  .

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