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S. No. 
1 Network Theory  
  •          Engineering Circuit Analysis       William H. Hayt
  •          Circuit Theory : Analysis and Synthesis       Abhijit Chakrabarti
  •          Basic Circuit Analysis (Schaum’s Series)       John O’Malley
2 Control System  
   •          Automatic Control System   Benzamin C. Kuo
   •          Linear Control System   B.S. Manke
   •          Control System Engineering  I.G. Nagrath & M. Gopal
3 Electronics Devices & Circuit and Analog Electronics  
  •          Integrated Electronics Analog and Digital Circuit and System   Jacob Millman & Chistos C. Halkia
  •          Micro Electronics Circuit Sedra & Smith
  •          Electronics Devices and circuits  S. Salivahanan
  •          OP-Amp and Linear Integrated Circuit   Ramakant A. Gayakwad
  •          Solid State Electronics    Streetman & Banerjee
4 Digital Electronics  
  •          Digital Electronics   M. Morris Mano
  •          Digital Systems   Tocci & Widmer
5 Power System  
  •          Power system Engineering  Nagrath & Kothari
  •          Electric Power Systems    C.L. Wadhwa
  •          Power System Protection and Switchgear Badri Ram
  •          Power System: Transmission and Distribution J.B. Gupta
  •          Generation of Electrical Energy  B.R. Gupta
6 Communications Systems  
  •          Communication System  Simon Haykins
  •          An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communication  Simon Haykins
  •          Communication System: Analog and Digital    Singh & Sapre
  •          Electronics Communication System   Kennedy & Davis
7 Electromagnetic Field Theory  
  •          Elements of Electromagnetic   Sadiku
  •          Engineering Electromagnetic  W.H. Haytt
  •          Antenna and Wave propagation K.D. Prasad
8 Microwave Engineering  
  •          Microwave Devices and Circuits   Liao
  •          Microwave Engineering   Pozar
  •          Microwave engineering     Sanjeev Gupta
9 Measurement and Instrumentation  
  •          Electrical and Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation   A.K. Sahney
  •          Electronics Instrumentation H.S. Kalsi
10 Electrical Machine  
  •          Electrical Machinery P.S. Bhimra
  •          Electrical Machine Nagrath & Kothari
11 Signal and System  Oppenheim & Willsky
12 Optical Fiber Communication  Senior
13 Satellite Communications Pratt & Bostian
14 Microprocessor Architecture Programming and Application with the 8085 Ramesh S. Gaonkar
15 Electrical Engineering Material Science  S.P. Seth
16 Power Electronics P.S. Bhimra